Principal's Message


Principal’s Message

Dear Parents & Families,

We are happy to have you here and are eager to welcome new students into our Junction family.  

The mission of Junction Elementary is “to develop lifelong leaders, one child at a time, in a nurturing and academic community.”  Our goal is that children will develop a positive self-concept, leadership skills, and a love of learning. We also feel that the school itself plays a vital role in bringing families and friendships together in the community.  We hope that you feel comfortable participating and being involved with the school, as every family is an important piece of making Junction a great place to learn and grow.

Our guiding vision is one that encompasses the development of a positive and encouraging school climate. We also have a strong focus on differentiation of instruction to build on students’ strengths. We approach each child as an individual.  We strive to meet their unique educational and social needs, and appreciate each child for who they are. Our goal is to establish and maintain open and honest communication with the home and to establish an effective collaboration between the home and the school.

Parents are strongly encouraged to maintain an active role in all aspects of their child’s educational program. Volunteers are an essential part of an effective education program, and we invite all parents to become actively involved at Junction.

Welcome to Junction Elementary and a new school year!

Go Jaguars!

Julia Mochrie


Kari Choy

Assistant Principal