Traffic Procedures


Traffic Procedures
Picking up and dropping off students

Most important, be patient and polite.
Drive slowly and carefully for all our children’s safety.

Parking your car:

If you want to park your car, please park in the designated parking spaces, or on the street.  Please never leave your car, or park, in the pickup loop areas.  This creates a safety hazard during drop-off and pick-up times.  It also delays our pick-up procedures and is frustrating to the parents waiting in line.

Single car pick-up lines:

In the primary and the upper grade loops, please be respectful of the single line of cars loading children.  Never “wave” your children between cars to load.  If your child is not present when you come through, move up with the cars in line.  Teachers will be available to help students and parents find each other at pick-up. Please always be respectful to staff and volunteers.

Bus Loop:

The bus loop is reserved for bus use only. The bus loop should NOT be used for daily pick up and drop off.

Upper-grade loop (south side):

If you are picking up/dropping off students in 3rd – 5th grades only, please use the upper-grade loop on the south side.  

Primary Loop (north side):

This is the main pick-up loop for students K-2nd.  This is also the pick-up area for older siblings to join their younger siblings.  Please respect that we would like all of our students K-2 to be picked up in this area only.  We have more supervision and the older students are very capable of joining/assisting their younger siblings in this loop area for an efficient and safe pick-up.

* Please be very cautious when driving in the school vicinity.  We have several students that walk to and from school, and we need to be particularly aware of pulling in and out of the loop areas, during pick-up and drop-off.

Kindergarten Pick-up/drop-off:

Kindergarten drop-off:  Please park and walk your child into the courtyard in the mornings for drop-off.   Students will line up outside of the playground area to meet their teachers each day.  Please supervise your children while they wait for their teacher. The teachers will come out and take the students into class each day at the start time of school. Please park on the street or in the parking lot.  Do not park in the bus loop.

AM Kindergarten and PM Kindergarten Pick-up:

Your students will be dismissed daily from the front doors of the classroom (facing the primary loop.)   If your student’s classroom is in room 12, their teacher will walk the students out to the bike rack gate, in the primary loop.

  • We ask that everyone, even parents, use a crosswalk.  We want to model the use of a crosswalk for our children/students.
  • We ask that you pick up your child through the specified loop, be respectful and follow directions from supervising teachers, staff, and volunteers.
  • Students are to be personally escorted to their cars or they are to load in the “lined” areas of the pickup loop only.
  • Please do not ever leave your car unattended in the loop, as this is a cause for major delay.
  • Do not “wave” your child over between cars or across the street/parking lot in undesignated crossing areas.
  • Please continue through the loop patiently and as cars move through, pull up accordingly.